Blessed Be the feet that brought you here.
When life has presented you with a reason to celebrate, I can help tailor a unique and perfect ceremony to celebrate the occasion. I am committed to providing a professional, moving service that is personal and sensitive to the occasion. I am a warm and engaging person and genuinely enjoy my role as a celebrant. I am a wordsmith as well, having been a journalist and an editor in my younger years, and I use my writing skills to create stunningly moving ceremonies that will capture the memories of a lifetime.
As a Priestess I can also add spiritual elements to the ceremony respecting cultural traditions of all belief systems. I also welcome gay couples and polyamorous unions and can make your commitment ceremony as beautiful and as meaningful as a legal wedding with all the trimmings. It would be an honour for me to help you design and celebrate your sacred rites of passage in the most beautiful way possible and I sincerely look forward to working with you to make the day a memorable one.
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