Pagan Ceremonies

 As an ordained, initiated Pagan Priestess I can conduct rituals and officiate ceremonies specifically for pagans and related spiritual communities.  I see ritual is any physical act which helps us to integrate change into our lives. I took holy vows upon my initiation to be of service for the Greater Good of All as an embodiment of the Goddess as well as Her voice and I am open to including a Pagan High Priest or a male member of Clergy of another religion/belief system representing the God for ceremonies where one member of the couple is Pagan and the other member of the couple is of another belief system. I've enjoyed working with a Tibetan Buddhist Lama and Anglican Minister of Religion and I'm open to working with other members of Clergy as the ritual calls for it.
I have a particular affiliation with my Goddess-given name of De Avalon which I've taken as my legal name, being a daughter of the Holy Isle in my essence. I recently returned from a pilgrimage to the Holy Isle of Avalon - now known as Glastonbury in Somerset where I collected water from Chalice Well the most holy of holy wells in England attributed to the Mother Goddess and am able to bring this holy Goddess water to your ceremony and make it part of the annointing process. I also have holy water from Lourdes, the Ganges, and sacred water essences from all Earth's Chakra points: Mt Shasta in California, Lake Titikaka in Peru, Uluru in Australia, Glastonbury UK's Red and White Springs, The Nile in Egypt, the Unicorn's spring in Glastonbury and Mount Kailash in Tibet so I can annoint all the chakras on the body with these sacred water essences.

    For young women, these are menarche ceremonies for maidens to celebrate their bodies now moving with the cycles of the moon. In ancient cultures, these beautiful events welcomed girls into their long forgotten birth rite - the lunar mysteries of womanhood. This culminates as a celebration & imparting of feminine wisdom that validates & empowers their feminine gifts & potential, aligns their cycles with the greater cosmos & gifts them with a network of feminine support of close women for the path ahead, whilst acknowledging that their childhood has passed & their maidenhood begun. They are loving, honoring and respectful and great rites of passage for any young goddess.

    For young men that are coming into manhood, I can also officiate ancient tribal ceremonies specifically designed to take the emerging man from the world of the mother and to let go of his childhood and embrace the world of men, in a meaningful rite of passage specifically designed for him. This may involve mask making, story telling, it can be timed to be performed on the same day as a teenage circumcision, or any other way the young man wishes to mark his passage into manhood. With young men, this can be when his voice breaks his 13th birthday or any other onset of puberty. I can also write these ceremonies and co-officiate them with the father, leading male role model or priest and do the preliminary honourings and thanksgivings to the boy's mother in a circle of women saying goodbye to their little boy before the men take him away for Secret Men's Business.

    Known as the modern Baby Shower, I also am able to officiate ceremonies honouring the mother's journey ahead. Traditionally celebrated by various cultures during the 7th month of pregnancy, (when the unborn child can hear the outside world), these creative & nurturing afternoon ceremonies are a wonderful way to enjoy & honour the full blossoming of Motherhood with sacred teachings & beautiful customs which serve to welcome the spirit of each child prior to birth. We celebrate the gateway of life and mark this occasion with stories, gifts and other mother-honouring celebrations.

    Menopause is another sacred time for daughters of the Goddess and is often called Croning. In accordance with Native American Indian teachings we believe that a woman attains her power at moonpause (menopause) as this is when her physical body stops it's creative cycle to nurture life and when this creative force can be used to create other power within her life. It is therefore a significant time to acknowledge & honour this transition with a sacred ceremony that is personally co-created to positively commemorate this shift, enabling a woman to relinquish her role as the all-giving mother & surrender to the unknowable realm of Great Mystery to serve as a wise woman. Hecate is often the Goddess we call upon during this ceremony, but whichever Goddess calls to you is the one we shall invoke for the ceremony.

    As with the civil wedding ceremonies I am also able to conduct meaningful handfastings for pagan couples in three different levels of spiritual homage, depending on the audience being invited to witness the ceremony. The handfastings can be legalised under the Australian Marriage Act or they can be formal ceremonies honouring the commitment of the couple but without the legals, the choice is up to you. These handfastings vary from the fairytale style ceremony with a light reference to the ancient traditions such as broom jumping and fasting of the hands with ribbon, to the formal full blown pagan handfasting for pagan congregations calling the Quarters, invoking deity, involving the literal or the symbolic the Great Rite with no explanation to the non-pagan members of the crowd, the choice is up to you. I am open-minded and able to cater for much of your traditional needs. Handfastings are traditionally for a year and a day or sometimes even for a term of seven years and are able to be reviewed or re-avowed at the end of the agreed term. If the union was "for as long as love shall last" and the couple feels that this time has expired now, they can go their separate paths again in an honourable ceremony celebrating the time they did have together.

    When the couple no longer wishes to live together in a handfasted union, I am also able to conduct meaningful, sensitive handpartings which are often for the benefit of the couple but also to the children of the union. Ritual is an empowering tool to call upon when we wish to release the energy of a past situation or loved one so we are truly free to embrace new opportunities & act effectively in each present moment. These highly individualized ceremonies are simple & yet deeply profound & emotionally healing. Such ceremonies allow one to begin the next chapter of our lives by honouring our journey thus far and looking forward to the gifts that life has to offer ahead of us.

    Sometimes life holds us back from grabbing life by the horns and going for it. It may be the past haunting us, old promises that we made to past loves that still have emotional threads attached to them, for whatever reason, we are the sum total of our life experiences for better or worse. Aside from our current incarnations, there are also past-life vows that we took that can give us hang-ups, such as vows of poverty and chastity that we took as nuns, monks and priests to our gods, leading to hang ups about money and sex, love even parenthood in this life. Don't underestimate the power of past life vows - especially if we made them to our gods or soulmates, these are like marks on our souls and although we may even have forgotten them thanks to drinking deeply from the waters of Amnesia before embarking on this current life journey, it can explain why a lot of us self sabotage our happiness unconsciously and stop ourselves from enjoying what we can from life. Sometimes we need to cut these ties that bind us or hold us back from experiencing life completely renewed and refreshed, ready to wipe the slate clean again. I've done some very powerful and personal "cutting ties that bind" ceremonies - a perfect prelude for couples that want to start their lives fresh and new free from ties to past loves, guilt from past choices, past life vows to spouses and their gods and the changes I've seen with working with them towards their own wedding day post-cutting ceremony have been profound! It is even great as part of a handparting or divorce ceremony - to formally cut ties: emotional, mental, spiritual etc from holding both partners back from journeying ahead to wherever their lives take them next. I can tailor a ceremony of this nature to suit your individual needs and like the rest of my work, each ceremony is unique and tailored to suit your intentions for such a cathartic experience.

    For whatever reason, two souls that journeyed together briefly have decided that it was only going to be a short journey, yet life is precious and sacred no matter how short the journey was and for that reason some people may wish to honour that brief journey spent together. Whether it was the baby's choice to exit or the parent's choice not to have the child this time around, emotional bonds may have been created between two or more souls that can have a profound affect on the parties involved. In a sensitive tribute to the brave little spiritual warrior and the parents involved, I can design a beautiful ceremony honouring the passage of life so that both parents and little soul can depart without guilt, with sensitivity, dignity and honour in an unforgettably beautiful tribute to this very special time in your life.  It can be as private or as public as you would like. How you would like to honour this experience is totally up to you and I'm here for you anytime if you need to process this in your own way in your own time. Some parents even decide that now is not the right time to go through with a pregnancy and terminate, we can always send the soul on it's way and invite it back for another oppportunity with the same parents if it is within the plans of that little angel to try and come through again on this earth plane or whether it only wanted to spend some time in a human womb for that particular experience.

    I am available to officiate ceremonies as a Priestess, marking passing of the season as the Wheel of the Year turns such as Beltaine, Samhain, Winter and Summer Solstice, Autumn and Spring Equinoxes to name a few of our events on the pagan wheel of the year, as well as the full moons and dark moons, and other important days on the pagan calendar. Please contact me if you'd like me to present a talk at your next spiritual gathering on 0410766848.